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1. Do you accept insurance?

Yes, we currently accept IEHP. We can work with other insurances. Please call us for further details.


2. How can my child receive services? What’s the process?

Your Child's PCP will have to make a referral for an ABA assessment through your child's primary insurance. Once we receive an authorized referral from your child's primary insurance we will call you to make an appointment for an assessment. The assessment will determine if your child benefits from ABA services and will also make a recommendation of hours that will benefit the individual based on the assessment results. The next step is to wait for an approval or denial from your child's insurance to either proceed with ABA services or not. Please keep in mind that everyone may have a different scenario and may be slightly different than the above process. If you have further questions please contact your primary insurance or feel free to email us or give us a call to better assist you in answering specific questions. 

3. Which areas do you service? 

Currently we service San Bernardino County: Redlands, San Bernardino, Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario as well as Riverside County: Corona, Riverside, Jurupa Valley, Moreno Valley, and  Perris. We continue to expand our service areas therefore please give us a call if you do not see your city listed. 


4. How long are sessions? 

Sessions are based on assessment and the individual needs of the clients we serve, but can range from 2-4 hours per day. 


5. Do you offer parent training? 

Yes, we will work with your family to help your child achieve their goals.


6. Do I need any equipment for the sessions? 

If required, communication devices for the client (i.e., ipad), highly preferred items such as toys, games, etc. Anything else that is medically necessary for your child.


7. My child goes to school, do you offer sessions in the evenings and weekends? 

Yes, we also offer consultation with schools in order to best meet the needs of your child.


8. Is there any out of pocket expenses? 

Depending on your insurance there may be a copay. Please contact your primary insurance in regard to your plan coverage and copays. 


9. Can you provide services to children with severe special needs such as my child that is non-verbal? 

Yes, our therapists, supervisors and BCBA's have different experiences implementing different functional communication techniques such as, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Sign Language and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) such as Proloquo. All treatment plans are individualized to each individual to help them achieve their goals.  


10. My child is a picky eater. Can you help my child eat a variety of different foods?

We offer behavioral feeding services that requires an assessment to be done before an intervention can be put into place. Please note that not all insurances cover this service. In the case that it does not cover the service we also offer out of pocket payments. 


11.What happens if I am unhappy with the therapist? 

We will work with your family to meet your needs and goals. If you have an existing therapist which your child works well with we can consider hiring them and provide appropriate training, to service your child.


12. What level of training do the therapists working with my child have?

Our therapists are Registered Behavior Technicians that have received their certification in behavior analysis. RBTs practice under the direction and close supervision of an RBT Supervisor, who is responsible for all work RBTs perform. 


13. What kind of supervision is offered by the company?

Our therapists receive continuous supervision from their direct supervisor as well as by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) on each individual case. The BCBA assigned to your child's case will not only support the therapist but also parents and family during in-home visits where the BCBA will join the therapist at least one time a month.

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