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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services are offered to children, teens, and adults with different abilities and/or disabilities. We will work with you child in home, community, and/or school for a certain number of hours per week.

The goal is to create individualized interventions that focus on improving and increasing specific behaviors such as social skills, communication, and adaptive skills, all with the goal of increasing positive behaviors while preventing or decreasing undesired and/or maladaptive behaviors.

Autism Heroes services clients of all ages and levels of support needs. Whether lower support needs (previously referred to as "high functioning") or higher support needs (previously referred to as "low functioning"), we will work alongside the client toward any personal goals that they may have; whether they be educational, social, emotional, or independence driven, we will tailor our program to meet their goals.


Behavioral feeding treatment is to help children with behavior based feeding difficulties, such as extreme picky eating and food selectivity. Using the principles and techniques based in ABA, the goal of the treatment is to increase the amount and variety of food consumed, as well as to decrease problem behavior during mealtimes.

We will conduct a thorough assessment of problem mealtime behaviors prior to implementing treatment. This will include conducting observations of a mealtime, questionnaires, and a review of medical records.

Please note, clearance from a client's primary care physician is always required before implementing behavioral feeding treatment.


Autism Heroes offers Autism Diagnostic services performed by a licensed Medical Doctor. The evaluation includes a review of educational records, parent interview, assessment questionnaires, direct observation, and testing.

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